The Speakers

Talk 1 Michelle Yaiser

Cost effective research that works

Good research is critical to ensuring the success of the experiences you design and develop. Research doesn’t have to be costly or take a long time. By conducting even small, quick research projects, you’ll learn more about who your audiences are, what they want, and what they need. You’ll discover what your users really think about your project and what you never knew about how they use it. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll save time and money on both design and development.

In this session, you’ll learn about the core user research methods and tools available. We’ll talk about how to use multiple research methods in a project to get more valuable results. Finally, you’ll learn the questions to ask that help determine which methods to use when.

Michelle Yaiser

Sr. User Research and Planning Manager at Adobe

Michelle works with creative professionals, educators and students to plan and produce learning resources that help people better use Adobe software. Prior to joining Adobe, Michelle was a professor of Web Design & Interactive Media, teaching object oriented programming and interactive development. Away from a computer, Michelle is a clarinetist, dancer and race car driver.

Workshop Ed King & JD Jordan

It's not mobile first, it's user first

Many Mobile First advocates suggest that solving design problems on mobile first will enrich UX. Mobile design often poses the greater challenge due to space restrictions and touchscreen limitations. If we can solve our design problems under these constraints, we have conquered much of the mental overhead and can then enhance the experience for larger screen sizes. I appreciate this mentality because mobile UX no longer gets watered down at the end of a project. However, poor mobile UX ultimately stems from poor strategy, not project order.

In this session you will learn how to use a singular approach to inform your design process that often works against you. Instead of solely banking on a Mobile First method to ensure your mobile platform meets all your user’s needs, you will learn the techniques that place that user’s needs first.

Ed King

Director Of Strategy at maxmedia

Ed has over 15 years experience working with clients like Porsche, Reebok, AT&T and Shell Oil helping them tell better stories in the marketplace. At MaxMedia, he writes, speaks and consults with clients on You&Me, a human-centered philosophy in developing empathetic, leading-edge consumer experiences.

Filled with entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable desire to learn why people act the way they do, Ed passionately engages with clients and consumers to discover breakthroughs that enhance the lives of consumers.

JD Jordan

Experience Design Manager at maxmedia

With over fifteen years in graphic, interactive, and experience design, JD has done some cool work. His first project was for a small-time realtor. One of his most recent was for the largest hoteling company in the world. For JD it's not about the projects or campaigns or applications. It’s about the story, the compelling challenge, the great idea, the visual language, the surprising ROI. Oh, and fun.

Talk 2 Ben Jordan

The Process of the Process

Summary: Processes are something that we hear about frequently in business, but are rarely built in a fashion that truly benefits a company or individual. Building sustainable, repeatable processes can be a very unsexy, but necessary for success.

In this session, we will discuss where we should and should not build processes, common pitfalls, patterns of failure, and what makes a solid process solid. You will leave this session with practical methods to streamline your work and improve your day-to-day.

Ben Jordan

VP of Customer Experience at InVision

Storyteller and Agent of Change. Lover of people and ambassador of good experience. Passionate Brand Advocate and VP of Customer Experience at Invision.

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