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Choose To Find

Saturday July 28, 8 PM

Formed in Boston in 2006, Choose to Find is an unconventional rock group in that they use a combination of acoustic piano and electric guitar as the primary melodic voices. Imagine an inventive singer-songwriter band that requires no vocalist. This configuration has helped Choose to Find carve their own spot somewhere in between the post-rock and jazz genres. But Choose to Find is a far cry from being a mellow group. Fans of Choose to Find thrive on the high energy emotional rollercoaster that their songs provide. About their unique sound, Sonic Frontiers wrote, “Choose to Find puts on an aural spectacle unlike any other,” and they “go beyond the overdone post-rock trends”, while Daily Vault wrote that Choose to Find’s music takes the listener on “a vastly entertaining safari into unexplored musical territory.”

Find Yourself Awake by Choose To Find on YouTube.
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Songs Without Words

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